Center for Development
of Children's Potential

Center for Development
of Children's Potential

We believe that every child has the right to develop to their full potential through loving care, health, nutrition, education, and protection support from family & community.


Center for Development
of Children's Potential

Kami percaya bahwa setiap anak berhak untuk berkembang mewujudkan potensinya,
melalui pengasuhan yang penuh kasih, kesehatan, gizi, pendidikan, dan perlindungan dari keluarga dan masyarakat.

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Suryakanti Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to provide early detection and intervention of developmental delay.
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What We Do

Suryakanti Foundation established Suryakanti Center for Development of Children’s Potential, a comprehensive inter-disciplinary service for children between 0-8 years old – particularly those with neuro-atypical condition. The services are implemented through the following unit:


Focusing on early childhood development, Suryakanti clinic provides basic and specialist health service in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner for children with development problem.


Suryakanti special school provides education service of primary grade equivalent level, integrated with therapy. The curriculum in use is based on national curriculum, adopted to each child’s individual need.

Training & Development

To increase knowledge on early childhood development, Suryakanti conducted various trainings, workshops, and seminars for both general public and professionals (e.g. teachers, health workers).

Please Support Us

Please support Suryakanti Foundation Foster Parents Program to provide financial aid for special need children from poor family. Kindly pass your donation by wire through:

Bank BNI Cabang Perguruan Tinggi Bandung
No Rek: 084 2222 506
a.n: Yayasan Surya Kanti

Your donation would help children with special need to increase their quality of life.

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Physical Aids


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