Suryakanti is a not-for-profit foundation focusing on early detection and early intervention of child development, to optimize child development potential.

Suryakanti has three service units, namely child development clinic, special school, and training & development.

 We serve children between 0 - 8 years (mental age).

We provide service for children with developmental problem such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Autism, ADD/ADHD, etc.

For economically disadvantaged patient, our Foster Parent program may provide financial aid to support treatment in Suryakanti.

First, kindly register through phone call by calling +62-22-7232369 to be scheduled for development test of psychological test. Next, based on the determined schedule, we’ll be waiting for your visit at Suryakanti clinic, Jl. Terusan Cimuncang no. 9 Bandung. You will be requested to complete your registration and proceed to initial testing (development test and/or psychological test), continued by doctor’s examination. Based on the examination result, you would receive therapy recommendation along with the schedule.

Yes. All patients should undergo initial examination in Suryakanti in order to determine the child’s development stage and relevant therapy. During consultation, kindly inform us about the therapy that had been conducted to patients in other places.

Typically a therapy would be conducted 12 times, once every two weeks or following doctor’s recommendation. The result would then be evaluated to monitor child’s development progress

Therapy is conducted to optimize child’s development on aspects such as gross motor, fine motor, speech, language comprehension, and socialization, based on the specific need of the child.

Parents’ role in child therapy is very important. We ask parents to accompany child during therapy, so that parents could see the progress and receive input from therapist about stimulation “homework” that parents should do at home to optimize child development.

We provide simple guest house for patients from another town. Please contact receptionist for further information about booking, price, and other questions about the guest house.

Cancellation of therapy may be done at least one day prior to the scheduled time slot. Kindly contact our customer service by phone to +62-22-7232369. Please note that therapy should be cancelled only if the child is ill or other urgent matter happens. customer service melalui telepon  +62-22-7232369 untuk melakukan pembatalan terapi, dengan catatan hanya dilakukan dikarenakan anak sakit atau keperluan penting yang mendesak.

We provide special school for children with special needs. For further information, kindly contact administration staff of Suryakanti Special School by phone to contact number +62-22-7278238. Prior to registration, student candidates are typically requested to conduct visit to be observed. 

Thank your for your interest in our Foster Parent program. We accept donation by wire, kindly transfer to:

Bank BNI Cabang Perguruan Tinggi Bandung

No Rek: 084 2222 506

a.n: Yayasan Surya Kanti

After transferring, kindly confirm your donation through this page

Yes, we have training & development unit that provides capacity building for health professionals, doctor, and community health workers. For further information about training, kindly email us at info@suryakanti.or.id or use the contact page here using the subject DIKLAT/TRAINING. di here dengan mencantumkan subjek DIKLAT/TRAINING.

For field study request, kindly send us official letter from the institution, using institution’s letterhead and stamp by email to info@suryakanti.or.id. Please include relevant information, such as objective, proposed schedule, number of participants, and contact detail of person in charge. After being reviewed and approved by the foundation, we would contact you to organize the details of the field study activity.