Suryakanti Special School

Every child is special.
Suryakanti helps children to reach their full potential.


Starting from a playgroup in 1996, Suryakanti special education unit expanded to provide a primary school equivalent degree due to parents’ demand. Education in Suryakanti Special School is and integrated to therapy.

Annually the school receives 25-30 students from 7-12 years old (mental age), with various development problems, such as autism, mental retardation, Down Syndrome, and cerebral palsy. Among the methods in use is Montessori approach for special needs children, with emphasize on life skill to increase independence and problem solving ability.

Activity and Facility

Upon enrollment, every child is screened by multidisciplinary team (doctor, therapist, psychologist, and teacher, with parents’ involvement) to assess the specific need, as a base to tailor the program for the individual.

The curriculum is adopted from national curriculum, adopted to each child’s individual need. Students can also join art extracurricular activity is provided to promote students’ expression and self-confidence. The school also collaborate with Bandung Chapter of SOINA (Special Olympics Indonesia) to channel sport talents.

The school facility includes spacious classroom, indoor and outdoor playing space, and various educational toys.


Teachers of Suryakanti Special School have orthopedagogic background and are equipped with knowledge and skill on child development.
Arif Ridwan Rauf, S.Pd
Ckasinta Winda Syalehah, S.Pd
Amelia Wahyuni, S.Pd
Susanti, S.Pd
Sri Sumiaty, M.Pd
Mamah Suryamah, S.Pd


  • Student Ragil Silika Wati – gold medalist in 50 m breaststroke swimming and silver medalist in 50 m freestyle swimming at SOINA National Sport Week (PORNAS) 2014 in Makassar.
  • Student Bery – First place on Al Quran reading contest organized by UNINUS, Bandung, 2018.

Registration Information

For information regarding education service in Suryakanti, kindly fill in the pre-registration form below. Our staff would contact you through email or phone. For any questions, kindly refer to FAQ page here.